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Take a leap of production

Pivatic manufactures sheet metal punching and bending machines for automatic production. Pivatic machines and external suppliers’ solutions can be integrated together to provide a single process from raw material to ready products.

PivaPunch punching machines can be used for coil punching or blank punching. Find out more…

PivaBend bending machines are used for profile, panel or casing-type parts. Find out more…

PivaCut shearing centre can be used for blanking and cut-to-size with shears in both X- and Y-direction. Find out more…

Pivatic machines can be integrated with external suppliers’ solutions. Find out more…

LEAN Manufacturing

In all of the world’s top companies, LEAN is the way to go. In sheet metal production, you can’t get much leaner and greener with Pivatic. Our automated production lines punch, shear, and bend sheet metal to high-quality components. Minimize the dreaded seven wastes, maximize the profit – with Pivatic.


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