10/21/2021 - Pivatic and PB Machines starts co-operation in The Benelux countries

Pivatic is looking for growth in sheet metal market in Benelux countries. PB Machines B.V. and Pivatic Oy have agreed to start co-operation in sales and services for Pivatic solutions.

The Benelux countries are important sheet metal machine tools market in Europe. The companies have been long time invested in the highest level of automation and productivity which are the key advantages in Pivatic solutions. According to new growth strategy, Pivatic is looking for growth and are willing to strengthen their presence in several important markets.

PB Machines has a long experience in the metal processing industry and in the products where plate and/or tube is used. PB Machines' partnership with customers starts with comprehensive advice and guidance from the first meeting to understand the needs and requirements of the customer well. This kind of approach supports very well Pivatic’s solution-based sales. PB Machines will also carry out repairs on all machines purchased from them and can offer more extensive services according to customers' needs. Pivatic systems are designed to operate in three shifts and seven days a week. Fast service and spare parts support is an important matter for Pivatic customers and sales & service partners.

The co-operation between Pivatic and PB Machines started 12th of October 2021.

For more information please contact:  
Pivatic Oy
Varastokatu 8
05800 Hyvinkää
Mr. Pasi Oksa
Sales Manager
Phone: +358 50 538 9896
Email: pasi.oksa@pivatic.com
PB Machines B.V.
Lijsterstraat 3
99422 KB Smilde
The Netherlands
Mr. Dirk Van Potharst
Managing Director
Phone: +31 628 572 518
Email: info@pbmachines.nl
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