PivaCut for Steel Service Centers

A Cutting Center type solution, where blanks up to 4000 mm long / 3 mm thick are Cut-to-Length and Cut-to-Width from 1650 mm wide strip, and automatically stacked to multiple positions.

The PivaCut for Steel Service Centers consists of the following main line components:

  • Decoiler for 25 000 kg Coils
  • Straightener to remove coil tension. Adjusted for different sheet thicknesses straight from the program.
  • CNC Clamp Feeder for feeding of strip
  • Hydraulic Shear for Cut-to-Length
  • CTW400 Station for Cut-to-Width
  • Multistacking Station, allowing blanks to be stacked on 4 movable tables or run through to a box

The 25ton Decoiler allows for maximum uptime & continous production of various size blanks from coil. The machine feeds the strip, cuts to size and stacks all at the same time.


Blanks of any size between 50 - 1650 mm wide & 50 - 4000 mm long can be produced as batches or long series and stacked the way required — from one wide coil. Easy integration of punching is possible if the need arises.