06/08/2021 - PivaPunch 8000 mm delivery to Indukant Blechbearbeitung GmbH

Pivatic success story with a German customer, Indukant Blechbearbeitung Gmbh, producing wall panels up to 8000 mm.

Economical production of XXL parts from the coil. Successful Pivatic case story with our customer Indukant Blechbearbeitung GmbH to punch and stack wall panels up to 8000 mm long. “The component sizes that we process already exceed the standard. Before we had two men at the guillotine shears and then had to work with two employees on the punching system. With the Pivatic PivaPunch we only need one employee on the system", explains Jens Kurzenacker, Managing Director of Indukant, about the solutions’ economic advantages.

Read the full article: XXL-Bleche vom Coil wirtschaftlich fertigen (blechonline.de)

Helmut Otten (left) from Pivatic supervised the project from the start. Jens Kurzenacker, Managing Director at Indukant, is very satisfied with the system and the productivity it has gained.