PivaPunch for Domestic Appliances

For producing high-end Domestic Appliances, this solution enables product quality never achieved before. You are not dependent on the coil material quality - all 4 sides are cut before any turret punching is done.

The PivaPunch for Domestic Appliances merges two production methods to allow multiple ways to manufacture. It consists of the following main line components:

Cutting Center for Coils
  • Several Coil Stands and one Coil Car for transporting of coils
  • Double Decoiler with all electric drives
  • Straightener which is adjusted for different sheet thicknesses straight from the program.
  • CNC Clamp Feeder for tight tolerances for cutting to length
  • Shear for cutting to length
  • CNC Gripper Feeder for positioning of the blank for referencing and for cutting to width
  • Shear for cutting to width (either cut sides of a product or divide the blanks to multiple smaller ones)
  • Stacker/De-Stacker for piling the cut blanks or load ones from the storage for punching
Punching Center for pre-cut Blanks
  • Electric Punching Station
  • Blanks shorter than 850 mm are punched as multiples (a slice) and separated with a Shear
  • Stacker/De-Stacker for piling the finished parts or load ones from the storage for an external storage
  • Option to run-through parts to an external storage

To manufacture precise punched parts from coils that can't otherwise be worked on, in one automated process, replaces multiple stand-alone machines.


The option to de-stack dimensioned blanks or to punch blanks from the storage ensures every way of production. Shears for all sides, before and after punching, guarantee excellent edge quality for every part.