PivaPunch for Facade Cladding

Punched blanks for Facade Cladding Panels are produced in size up to 6200x1250 mm. The Common Coil method is utilized: the parts are produced side-by-side, typically 5 at once. The solution required to be integrated to the existing bending line.

The PivaPunch for Facade Cladding consists of the following main line components:

  • Decoiler with 2 Coil Cars for 10 000 kg Coils
  • Straightener to remove coil tension. Adjusted for different sheet thicknesses straight from the program.
  • PVC Film Decoiler equipment after the Straightener - protective film on top or under the strip as required.
  • CNC Clamp Feeder for feeding of strip
  • Electric TTfi-e Punching Station with Auto-Index for standard punching
  • Electrical Shear for Cut-to-Length
  • Motorized Feeding Roll for singular feeding of blanks into a Leveller
  • Pick&Place Stacker to pile parts on 3 tables at one side

Cycle times for punching became shorter than bending since the Double Tool Punch feature and F-station tools (D up to 152,4 mm) are used to punch the nests. Punched blanks are post-levelled before stacking. The blanks are loaded straight to the bending lien or to buffer stations.


Panel blanks of any size between 60-1250 mm in width and up to 6200 mm length can be produced. Order data management and application engineering from ERP system were completed for punching and bending to fulfill the requirements.