PivaPunch for Service Platforms

Corrugated blanks used in Stairs, Service Platforms and Ladders are produced with the combination of CNC punch and two presses, up to 6.35 mm in thickness.

The PivaPunch for Shop Fittings consists of the following main line components:

  • Coil Turning Device for coils up to 5 000 kg
  • HD Decoiler with a Coil Car and 2 Coil Stands
  • HD Straightener with electrical gear motor
  • HD CNC Clamp Feeder for feeding of strip
  • Strip lubrication device between Feeder and TT Punching Station
  • Hydraulic TT Punching Station for standard punching
  • Hydraulic HT Press Tool Station 1 for pre-cutting for forming
  • Hydraulic HT Press Tool Station 2 for forming
  • HD Cut-to-Length Shear and Stacker for piling of punched blanks to both sides accurately

Excellent cycle times since CNC punch is used for notching and standard punching, while press stations are used for pre-cutting and forming of tread patterns.


Any length of the tread including sides and the specified pattern can be produced.