PivaPunch for Steel Doors

The two panels of a steel door are produced straight from coils in two parallel PivaPunch centers.

The first punching center is designed for punching of pre-cut blanks and coils. Panels which are needed in small quantities are produced from blanks and the volume panels from coils.

In the second PivaPunch center panels are punched and cut to length from coils.

There is a stacking system for punched blanks between the punching centers in front of roll formers. 

Coil dimensions:
  • Outside-Ø 1 600 mm
  • Inside-Ø 508 mm
  • Coil weight up to 10 000 kg
Blank dimensions:
  • Width up to 1 250 mm
  • Length up to 3 000 mm
  • Sheet thickness up to 2 mm