05/05/2021 - Pivatic expands with electric bending machines to XXL models

We are expanding our electric bending technology from several perspectives. We develop our own products to bend higher thicknesses, longer parts as well as higher and more complex bending sections.

The new MPB (MultiTool Panel Bender) was introduced in EuroBlech 2018. Now we have developed new features to MPB technology to cover solutions up to 6m (236”) bending length as a single machine and a tandem solution up to 8m (315”). Today we can produce the panels up 1500mm x 8000mm very fast including the punching and bending in the line. This supports our current strategy together with several supplied bending lines with folding technology and RAS co-operation related to bending applications for small-size batches and kit production. Electric MPB600-e as a single machine in the picture up to 6000mm bending length.