09/24/2021 - Sheet punching as part of an integrated sheet metal production system

Pivatic has an article in the Finnish sheet metal magazine, Ohutlevy, about integrated Pivatic systems. Read it online, page 54: http://digiplus.fi/www/Ohutlevy/2021_No1/

We have expanded our product offering to integrated sheet punching systems. Our product range now consists of individual or integrated PivaPunch coil punching lines, PivaBend bending lines, the flexible MPB panel bender and new PivaPunch PCB sheet punching machines. The general trend is to increase the flexibility of our production systems where even smaller series sizes can be produced efficiently without set-up times or buffer storage. Punched and bent products are driven to the next step or stacked automatically.

Read the full article here in Finnish here: http://digiplus.fi/www/Ohutlevy/2021_No1/page_54.html