12/12/2014 - Welcome to Open House 2015 at Pivatic

For two weeks in January, we’re opening our doors for the public and showcasing four of our advanced punching and bending solutions. The widest CNC coil punch on earth is one of them. Don’t miss it!

Dates: 12.1–16.1.2015 and 19.1–23.1.2015

Kindly confirm your participation by January 10th 2015 to matti.lukkari@pivatic.com. Thank you!

Four advanced PivaPunch and PivaBend solutions on show:
1. The widest CNC Coil Punch on earth!

PivaPunch PCC180 Punching Center for Coils is designed for strip up to 1 830 mm wide and 2 mm thick. It punches blanks for wrappers of blowers, air handlers and furnaces for a major US supplier – straight from the coil. The hole patterns, corner notching and cut to length is done with the CNC.

Large parts can be produced of a single piece without joining parts together. Also, the number of different Coils is minimized since the coil width becomes the length of the panel is certain sizes.

2. PivaSystem for wrappers of blowers, air handlers and furnaces

The PivaSystem on show consists of the punching center described above and a bending line where the wrappers are bent in three stations using 6 wing formers; first the sides, then the ends and finally the box bending.

The bending machines all traverse with the CNC to the bending lines and the angles are programmable. Different part numbers can thus be produced to order.

Panels up to 2 250 mm long can be bent.

3. Punching & Cutting Center for Coils.

A smart combination of PivaPunch PCC125-e electrical punching center for coils and a cut-to-width station for blanks up to 3 000 mm long. It punches and cuts to length slices including blanks, which it cuts to width in a separate shear. All sides are thus cut for the best quality. It produces parts according to the job orders created by the ERP system.

All blank sizes are produced of a common coil width to reduce the initial material cost and to eliminate the coil change.

There is a stacker available for automated stacking of punched blanks.

4. Heavy Duty Punching Center

PivaPunch PCC80 is designed for sheet thickness up to 6 mm S355, strip width is up to 815 mm.

It has a tool cassette set on both sides of the strip offering 36 fixed and 2 indexing tools for versatile punching. The index stations are especially designed for tapping using standard Easy Tap tapping tools.

A German contract manufacturer serving elevator and enclosure industry uses dedicated coils to improve material utilization and to increase the machine output. There is a robot for stacking of punched blanks in place.

Welcome to the Open House!