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New strategy for Ursviken Group, New CEO for Pivatic


The Board of Directors has initiated a number of actions to boost the development of the Ursviken Group. The aim of the strategy is to make the best possible use of the strengths and potential of the two industrial entities of the Group, Ursviken Technology and Pivatic, and to strengthen our competitive position in the markets.

As a concrete step in this strategy, Mr. Jan Tapanainen has been nominated as CEO of Pivatic Oy. He will report directly to the board of the Ursviken Group. Mr. Tapanainen has over 17 years of international experience in the sheet metal machine tools industry. Last five years he has worked with companies subcontracting and manufacturing industrial products.

Mr. Mika Virtanen and the management team of Pivatic as well as Mr. Jamie Sims of Ursviken Inc will report to Mr. Tapanainen. Mr. Tomas Johansson will focus on his role as CEO of Ursviken Technology AB.

During autumn 2020, the strategies of Ursviken and Pivatic have been updated and both companies are looking for significant growth after the Covid-19 epidemic. According to the new strategy, Pivatic is developing new innovative solutions for selected business segments to offer their customers fast return on their investments, ensuring first-class customer satisfaction with strong project management and product lifetime aftersales services. In the new strategy, the company will increase attention to personnel development to support the growth of the coming years and will focus on improve efficient deliveries of the systems.

These changes became effective on 4th of January, 2021.

Hallitus on käynnistänyt useita toimia Ursviken-konsernin kehityksen edistämiseksi. Strategian tavoitteena on hyödyntää konsernin kahden teollisen yksikön, Ursviken Technologyn ja Pivaticin, vahvuuksia ja potentiaalia parhaalla mahdollisella tavalla sekä vahvistaa kilpailuasemaamme markkinoilla.

Konkreettisena askeleena tässä strategiassa, Jan Tapanainen on nimitetty Pivatic Oy: n toimitusjohtajaksi. Hän raportoi suoraan Ursviken-konsernin hallitukselle. Jan Tapanaisella on yli 17 vuoden kansainvälinen kokemus ohutlevytyöstökoneista ja -järjestelmistä. Viimeisen viiden vuoden ajan hän on toiminut johtavissa asemissa sopimusvalmistus- ja omia tuotteita valmistamissa teollisissa yrityksissä.

Pivatic Oy:n General Manager Mika Virtanen ja johtoryhmä sekä yhdysvaltalaisen Ursviken Inc.:n General Manager Jamie Sims raportoivat jatkossa Jan Tapanaiselle. Tomas Johansson keskittyy rooliinsa Ursviken Technology AB:n toimitusjohtajana.

Syksyn 2020 aikana Pivaticin ja Ursvikenin strategiat on päivitetty, ja yhtiöt hakevat tulevina vuosina merkittävää kasvua Covid-19-epidemian jälkeen. Pivaticin uudistetun strategian mukaisesti yhtiö kehittää uusia, innovatiivisia ratkaisuja valituille liiketoimintasegmenteille tarjotakseen asiakkailleen sijoitetun pääoman nopean tuoton. Pivatic varmistaa ensiluokkaisen asiakastyytyväisyyden vahvalla projektinhallinnalla ja tuotteiden elinkaaren aikaisilla palveluilla. Uudistetussa strategiassa yhtiö lisää panostuksiaan henkilöstön kehittämiseen tukeakseen seuraavien vuosien kasvua sekä keskittyy parantamaan projektien tehokasta valmistusta, kokoonpanoa ja toimituksia.

Muutokset astuivat voimaan 4. tammikuuta 2021.

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We would like to invite you to participate in the Pivatic Open House event between October 31st to November 1st, 2023. We will have three production lines/machines on display. The main themes for the event are: Coil punching and shearing line with stacking, Multitool Profile/Panel Bender, Pivatic software solutions. Pivatic will pay for the accommodation, food & beverages during the days. The flights and local travel from and back to the airport will be your responsibility.

Norwegian OSO Hotwater trusts Pivatic technology

Pivatic signed a supply contract in 2022 for a sheet metal coil processing line with a Norwegian
company that manufactures hot water boiler tanks. This article describes the delivery project in question from the customer’s manufacturing and product technology applications point of view. The information in the article has been gathered from the customer interview. The interviews were conducted in April 2023 at the Pivatic factory during the customer’s line FAT approval.


We are thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming FABTECH Chicago 2023, the premier event in metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing, taking place from September 11-14th. There are cutting-edge solutions from over 1,500 world-class suppliers, all under one roof. Explore innovative technologies that boost productivity and drive profits. Network with experts, share knowledge, and stay tuned of industry trends.

We will be exhibiting together with Ursviken Technology at Booth A2937. Our sales team is ready to introduce new Pivatic innovations and new strategic partnerships, as well as our energy-efficient servo-electric solutions.

410% effizienter mit automatisierter Stanz-Biege-Linie – Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric ist ein weltweit tätiges Unternehmen mit Firmensitz in Frankreich. Die beiden hauptsächlichen Geschäftsfelder sind die Energieverteilung in Mittel- und Niederspannungsnetzen, sowie die industrielle Automatisierung. In seinem Produktionsstandort Capellades bei Barcelona in Spanien fertigt Schneider Electric auf hochautomatisierten Anlagen Schaltschränke und Verteilerschränke. Dass sich Automatisierung lohnt, beweist bereits ein Plakat, das vor einer kombinierten Stanz-Biegelinie hängt. Diese Blechbearbeitungslinie setzt sich aus Stanzmodulen von Pivatic und einer Biegezelle von RAS zusammen. Schneider Electric beziffert die Effizienzsteigerung durch diese Linie mit 410%.

Case: M.C.I. Metalldecken Produktions GmbH

M.C.I. Metalldecken is a specialist when it comes to manufacturing metal ceilings and functional ceilings. They supply high-quality products, such as rectangular metal panels for climate-control ceilings, fire-protection ceilings, and cleanroom ceilings.

The company invested in a PivaPunch PCB160-e line that was integrated after a coil perforating and cutting line. The perforated sheets are punched to complete parts with the PCB using Thick Turret tooling (stationery and indexing), and if several parts are nested on the sheets, they are cut separately with a shear. The finished ceiling panels are marked with an InkJet printer and discharged to the side for measurement via a suction cup device or fed directly to the follow-up process.


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