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MPB Bending Unit

PivaBend Multitool Profile / Panel Bender (MPB) is the World’s Longest Panel Bender, designed to process material thickness up to 3.0 mm [11Ga] and is capable of part lengths up to 8000 mm [26’]. Customers can potentially manufacture long and complex parts with a single machine process, instead of combining roll formers, panel benders, or press brakes, for example.

Based on our customer studies, the MPB is suitable for product segments that have challenging and complicated profiles, such as doors, door frames, lockers, shelving, electrical cabinets, and enclosures.

The MPB is a highly sophisticated bender and it can be customized with different console types and several bending tools. The MPB uses interpolated movements in X and Y -directions and is configured with electric drives making it easier to maintain, program and control. The MPB has a lower energy consumption due to innovative features and electric drives.

“World’s Longest Panel Bender!”

Example Profiles

Different MPB Solutions

For the most efficient solution, we offer a complete Line Solution MPB for a fully automated process.

For minimal operator involvement, the standalone Automatic MPB manages part de-stacking, part rotating, bending process, and the stacking of the finished panels.

For a compact solution, the standalone Semi-Automatic MPB requires one operator to load, rotate, and unload the parts. The bending cycle, including positioning, is done automatically.


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