System Integrations


PivaPunch and PivaBend production lines can be joined into a PivaSystem single machine process. They are tailored to the specifications of the work pieces as well as production volumes, flexibility, and logistics. Different modules are added in order to make your products complete in one run.

Integrating separate modules and other production equipment such as press brake, perforating press, or panel bender makes it is possible to gain more efficiency and flexibility. Using a single integrated machine process will save space and reduce labor costs. It will also increase the final product quality reducing handling and simplifying internal logistics between the production lines.


  • Single machine process saves floor space and labor
  • Direct material flow without buffering
  • 70% faster cycle times than conventional methods
  • End products completely ready in one process
  • Reduction of part handling and scratches for optimal product quality

Integration possibilities

  • Tower Storage (Remmert)
  • Press Brake (using robot or manipulator for material handling) (Ursviken)
  • Roll Forming (Samesor)
  • Panel Bender (RAS)
  • Leveller
  • Perforating Press
  • Other PivaPunch / PivaBend production lines


In the unique Pivatic-RAS solution, the punching is done by Pivatic and the bending is done by RAS. Compared to other systems, the material moves only one time through the Pivatic punching machine. The result is a punched part created faster than any other flexible punching solution.

This punching speed combined with the bending speed and flexibility of the RAS panel bender leads to an automated fabrication solution characterized by low cycle times, high productivity, less logistic and handling effort, flexible part design capabilities, and low costs per part. 

The integrated line is very compact and requires minimum floor space. Due to the flexibility of both technologies, this awesome and modular line is suitable for long-run batches as well as for short runs or even batch size one.


Partnership with Remmert increases total production times and reduces storage space requirements further when a Pivatic stacking device isn’t sufficient. Remmert BASIC and Double BASIC towers can be seamlessly integrated to Pivatic de-stacking, positioning and feeding devices. A suitable tower storage is chosen regarding the amount of different size sheets or different materials. A Remmert-Pivatic system can also be integrated to RAS panel benders to create a fully automated fabrication solution.



Pivatic and Ursviken have been co-operating since the establishment of the Ursviken Group in 2007. The focus of the Group is to provide machines and manufacturing lines for high-end product segments and to offer life cycle services. For an integrated solution in the thicker end of sheet metal products, Pivatic provides a coil punching or a blank punching system with shearing, and Ursviken provides the press brake. The press brake can be handled by a robot or automatized by Pivatic material handling system.



Samesor roll forming machine after a Pivatic punching machine creates a complete fabrication system for parts like construction profiles, façade profiles, and metal roofing. The Pivatic system can start from a narrow steel strip, steel sheets, or a wide steel coil that can be split into precise profile blanks in a Cut-to-Size system alongside PivaPunch.

Pivatic + Samesor Roll Former


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