Thin metal sheets can be cut-to-length by using either partial cuts (one by one) or with one full stroke of the shear. The shear can be either hydraulic or electric. A hydraulic shear is used for a sheet thickness of up to 5 mm and electric up to 2 mm.

CNC Strip Guides are required when running parts trimmed to different widths from the same coil. Guiding elements are positioned directly from the program according to the trimmed width.


With the Cut-to-Width module included the sheet metal parts can be nested and punched side-by-side, then the nest is moved to the Cut-to Width module and split with the shear. When using the separate punching and shearing modules, the punching and cutting-to-width can take place simultaneously to reduce production time, and there’s none to very little scrap between the parts in X-direction. Using the shear results in good edge quality without tolerance peaks while obtaining the highest material utilization possible.

Instead of punching-to-width, parts are cut-to-width in a different station in one stroke.

Products are stacked on pallets in the stacker or transported to the next operation.


PivaCut Cutting Centre for Coils

When working with coil material, there is always some camber on the sides. This camber affects the punching and forming positions leading to inaccurate or flawed products. However, working from coil has several benefits such as cheaper material costs and flexibility in product size.
PivaCut solution provides the optimum way to remove camber from the coil material and to produce precise blanks. The automatic system has one shear for cutting-to-length and another for cutting-to-width. All four sides of blanks are cut in shears, each with one stroke, resulting in good edge quality. There is no manual part handling needed and the automatic system leaves no scratches on the material.

PivaPunch with Cut-to-Width Station

The PivaPunch Punching and Cutting Centre produces blanks and punched blanks which are cut both to length and to width straight from the coil. Parts are produced according to the job orders created by the ERP system.
Cutting to width of the first nest and punching the second nest, take place simultaneously – in a single pass, straight from the coil.
Coils of standard width with raw edges from the steel mill are used. Part dimensions, both the length and the width, and the hole patterns are programmable. Also pre-cut blanks for turrets can be produced on just-in-time basis.


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