Our valuable PivaPunch and PivaBend production lines are made for long-life performance. Their mechanics, hydraulics, software, electrical, and control systems can be updated to adapt to changing needs and to operate with high performance for upcoming years.

With tailored modernization solutions, existing Pivatic machinery can be modified to face future challenges.

Often upgrading the production line with the newest mechanical solutions, carrying out a complete overhaul of the machine, or updating the line controller with the newest version, offers the most cost-efficient solution. This will increase safety and reliability, and also lengthen the lifecycle.

We always design our upgrading packages around customers’ requirements. We provide a variety of modernization options to enhance the production line, without the costs of renewing the entire system.

Better performance by upgrading the controls
By upgrading the controls, the machine lifetime can be extended by up to 15 years with improved performance and reliability improved. With a new control, the latest software and electrical component spare parts availability are guaranteed with faster delivery times and lower prices.

Module integrations for changing demands
Module Integrations are possible when the production requirements change. This can include the product size, design, or used material changes from the original design. Modules can be replaced to fulfill the change in needs. It’s also possible to add different modules or functions to the production line such as printing, coil storage, stackers, feeders, etc. according to the need.

Benefits of modernization

  • Enhanced performance and longer operating life
  • Adjusting to the needs in changing production requirements
  • Lower maintenance costs including better availability of spare parts
  • Improved usability of the machine

For more information, please contact our PivaCare Service Team.


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