Remote Service 4.0

The purpose of high-value remote services is to maximize machinery’s uptime and performance with the shortest possible response times and lowest costs. With highly trained professionals, our customers are able to get the support they need quickly and reliably.

We offer the following remote services:

  • Help Desk
  • Remote Diagnostics by using Pivatic IoT tools
  • Remote Access & Remote Support, enhanced by Industry 4.0 tools

Help Desk
offers our customers a fast channel to solve technical issues aroused in their Pivatic machinery. It includes troubleshooting, settings, and parameter setups. You can call or send an email to the Help Desk.

Remote Diagnostics boosts troubleshooting, and also saves time and money considerably. With remote diagnostics it’s easier to collect data, monitor the operations, and detect the cause of the failure. Pivatic PivaOEE IoT tool allows automatic data collection to optimize production and reduce downtime.

Remote Access is an efficient way to get inside the control of the machine remotely and solve issues faster, without the need for on-site intervention. Remote access tool is a separate service product that is also possible to install on older Pivatic punching or bending lines.

Remote Support our experts are always ready to support our customers remotely. Our remote support tools help our technicians to assist with any mechanical, electrical, or automation-related problems.


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