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Sheet punching as part of an integrated sheet metal production system


Pivatic has an article in the Finnish sheet metal magazine, Ohutlevy, about integrated Pivatic systems. Read it online, page 54:

We have expanded our product offering to integrated sheet punching systems. Our product range now consists of individual or integrated PivaPunch coil punching lines, PivaBend bending lines, the flexible MPB panel bender and new PivaPunch PCB sheet punching machines. The general trend is to increase the flexibility of our production systems where even smaller series sizes can be produced efficiently without set-up times or buffer storage. Punched and bent products are driven to the next step or stacked automatically.

Read the full article here in Finnish here:

Latest News

EuroBLECH in Hannover, Germany on the 25 – 28 October

Meet us at EuroBLECH 2022 – Stand E136, Hall 11! We will be showcasing a fully automated servo-electric coil punching, cutting and pressing line on the stand. Highly efficient and indexable Thick Turret punching combined with a separate cutting station and a press tool station of 1200 kN punching force allows jobs like hole group, embossing, corner notching and trimming to be flexibly produced. Energy consumption for the full line is between 12-18 kWh, depending on the use of the big press, which is 60-70% less compared to traditional systems. This supports Pivatic’s low-energy product solutions well toward global sustainable development.

The line is bought by a German manufacturer who will receive the line after the exhibition with two coil cars, a turning drum, and a stacking device that are not present at EuroBLECH. The line is made in custom blue line color.

Why double punch?

Pivatic double punching technology was a product of developing the mechanical structure of the tool cassette technology and cycle time of the punching line.


Lower your energy costs and intensify your production with Pivatic line solutions. Thanks to servo-technology you can save up to 60-70% in electricity compared to traditional systems, lowering your maintenance costs and total noise level. By using standard coils less scrap is produced in both your production and your steel suppliers.

An article in the Finnish sheet metal magazine Ohutlevy goes in depth about the start of the Pivatic brand, punching technology, and what are our modern capabilities. Starting page 45, read here:

The Pivatic PivaPunch System – How Does it Work?

The PivaPunch may be best described as a hybrid between a turret punch press and a coil-fed stamping press. he PivaPunch system utilizes standard “Thick Turret, Amada-Style” tooling mounted in precision-machined tooling cassettes. The number of tools required, and their sizes is dictated by an evaluation of the application. Cassettes can hold up to 26 tools (52 tools total because there are two (2) cassettes in a standard PivaPunch system.)  In cases where even more tool capacity is required, readily available multi-tool holders that can hold up to nine (9) individual tools can be installed in specific stations to increase the tool capacity to up to 100 total. Individual tools up to “F” size (6” diameter) can be accommodated, and up to two (2) tool stations can have auto-index capability.

Products with large openings with over 100% increased efficiency

A large American manufacturer of HVAC products was looking to speed up their manufacturing process with the help of new punching technology. The company had previous experience with a Pivatic punching line installed in 2007, and had been punching some of their parts with the old line. The line delivery however allowed to replace existing standalone Turret Punch Presses to manufacture the parts with large openings with over 100% increased efficiency – reducing cycle times from 4-5 minutes down to 2 minutes.


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