PivaBend MPB - Multitool Panel Bender

The PivaBend MPB was first presented at EuroBLECH 2018. The panel bender is an addition to the Pivatic product family, and it can be offered as a standalone or integrated into a line.

Bending expertise since 1982

We have been developing wing formers since 1982, and developing them from hydraulic to electric versions to this day. One of the first deliveries was a bending line for all four sides, and thus the focus has been on bending line deliveries. The new panel bender concept gives us a different type of approach.

A new way of Bending

The new concept allows more complicated profiles, thicker materials and longer parts for bending. We can expand the bending capability and potentially overcome the profiles which have been unreachable on the market before. This new bender gives a chance to take a tiger leap in sheet thickness up to 3 mm and part length up to 8 000 mm. There is also no need for separate clearance control between different material thicknesses. Every part will be top-quality thanks to automatic bending angle measurement & adjustment system for quality reporting.


Our studies with our existing customers show that especially in our main segments (Steel Doors, Elevator Doors and Electrical Cabinets) have thicknesses from 0.6 mm to 3.0 mm and the profiles can be complicated and challenging for press brakes or folding machines. The panel bender has been designed to overcome these products and potentially other segments in the future. 

Heavy Duty Machine

The MPB is a strongly built machine that eliminates the need for crowning device even for thicker materials. The machine frame is O-typed and the force for hold-down tools is entirely vertical, meaning the clearance is the same at every location of the part. This means there is no sliding on top of the material, so that the material won't get any markings and the hold-down tools won't wear out. The programming is also easier thanks to linear trajectories instead of traditional hinges.