Our solutions are designed for a long lifetime of high availability with high uptime. Our professional service team backs you up 24/7, and whenever needed, we’ll update your machine to survive another decade or two.


• Retrofit your Pivatic Solution to face the future challenges
• Upgrade of mechanics, electrics, controls, software and documentation

Spare parts

• Quality spares for right purposes
• Anticipation of spare part needs avoids you from many troubles
• Planning of the spare part selection

Preventive service

• Minimal downtimes through prevention
• Fixed-price agreements include many substantial customer benefits

Monthly/Weekly service

• Concentrate in the essential!
• Continuous information about Pivatic Solutions condition and performance

24/7 Help Desk

• Trouble shooting, settings and parameter setups
• Support for service personnel

Remote Diagnostics

• Saves money and time considerably
• Boosts troubleshooting for sure


• Invest in your personnel
• Machine operation, Service for PivaPunch and PivaBend and CAD/CAM


• Ramp-up of production
• Extra training
• Optimal use of the machine


• Comprehensive documentation of Pivatic Solutions present condition
• Expert recommendations of needed service activities and spare parts