PivaPunch for Containers

Frames of Containers are punched complete, turned and stacked automatically. Roll former is integrated at the end of the solution. This solution is capable of punching up to 6 mm thickness, and to produce blanks up to size 12 500 x 815 mm.

The PivaPunch for Containers consists of the following main line components:

  • Decoiler with a Coil Stand
  • Straightener which is adjusted by hand for different sheet thicknesses
  • CNC Clamp Feeder for tight tolerances for punching and cutting to length
  • Hydraulic Punching Station PCC80 HD
  • Shear for cutting to length
  • Turning Drum for parts up to 8 000 mm in length
  • Stacking the parts up to 8 000 mm in length
  • Run-through of parts up to 12 500 mm in length

An overall solution that is integrated to existing roll forming system allows for automated run for a long time.


Automated turning and the option to stack the blanks on a storage pallet car or to run-through for roll forming gives great flexibility without the need for additional machines or labor.