PivaPunch for Narrow Coils

PivaPunch, including a programmable punching station designed for standard Thick Turret type tooling set in quick-change cassettes, manages different hole patterns and part lengths.

Narrow work pieces produced by PivaPunch are for example:

  • Lighting fixture bodies and reflectors
  • Frames of Steel Doors for housing and commercial applications
  • Fixing strips for trucks
  • Pile Joints and Rock Points
  • Electrical Radiators
  • Valves for ventilation duct works
  • Construction Purlins
  • Conveyor Rails
The CHALLENGE of an OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer

Capability to make all parts for the end product in the most efficient way is required. All different materials and sheet thicknesses are defined. Batch sizes are from tens to thousands. Lead times from a couple of days to few weeks. Production technology is essential for the profitability.


Products are made of dedicated Coils following the True coil width philosophy which gives the shortest cycle times.

Better margins are achieved due to the following facts:

  • Coil material is cheaper to purchase than pre-cut blanks.
  • Material utilization can be maximized, no waste in X- or in Y-direction because the Coil width equals to one of the part´s dimension and blanks are cut to the correct length from the Coil.
  • The cycle times are remarkably shorter compared to Turret Punch presses.
  • PivaPunch is more flexible for families of parts than a press feeding line.


The PivaPunch in its basic configuration is equipped with the following line components:

Coil Handling

Two coil cars are used when coils are changed frequently. The next coil is placed on one coil car, and the coil coming down is placed on the other. Coil change becomes safe and is completed in a few minutes. The coil cars can both be placed in the X-direction, or one in the X- and one in the Y-direction. A coil car can also travel up to 10 Mtr. to bring the next coil from the overhead crane.

Decoiling and eliminating coil tensions

The Pick-Up de-coilers are designed to work together with Pivatic coil handling equipment to minimize the down times. Their concept is to move in the y-direction for loading and change of coils. The mandrel is lifted/lowered for coil pick up and positioning for pay-off from above or from underneath.

The straightener is used for eliminating the coiling tension. It is over dimensioned for the coils used, to ensure flatness of the parts. The speed control keeps the straightener running even if there is no pit in the floor. The supporting roller curves act as threading tables during the coil change.

Feeding and positioning strip for punching and cutting to length

A traditional CNC Roll feed is applied. Both rolls are driven by an AC servomotor and pinch force is set as a parameter in the controller.

Punching, notching, forming, thread cutting

The punching press is available as an electric version for thin sheet metal and as a heavy-duty hydraulic version for thicker strips.

The number of Tool Cassettes is either one or two depending on the application.

Our punching press has a closed O-frame, which eliminates deflections typical for C-frame design. The lifetime of punching tools is exceptionally long thanks to the O-frame and punches being well guided by the tool cassette.
The tool cassettes carry tools required for all of your parts, or they are tooled per family of parts. However, there are different types of tool cassettes available – including models with auto-indexing tools, and they can be used as pairs or odd-pairs in the machine.

Punching, nibbling and forming jobs using standard tooling and tools designed for the up stroking cylinders – thread cutting and piercing jobs as standard thanks to the programmable ram stroke.

Cutting to length

PivaPunch has a down stroking shear for cutting the punched blanks to length. The edge quality becomes better than when punched out, and the cycle time is reduced.

Discharge conveyor

This conveyor makes it possible to keep the punching station running during the following processes. It includes a programmable chute for parts up to 700 mm long, which are run in a box. A stacker stacks punched blanks

Pick & Place Stacker

Blanks are accurately stacked on lifting tables using a suction cup and magnet device. The number of lifting tables and stacks on each table is decided according to your needs. Parts longer than the stacker are discharged over the conveyor. Blanks are lifted gently with suction cups and magnets without causing damage to the blank surface.

"Bomb Door" Fast Stacker

In applications where the cycle times for punching and cutting are shorter than 10 seconds, a Fast Stacker is implemented. It works according to the Bomb-Door principle. A roll conveyor system under the Fastacker increases the efficiency by removing the full pallet and bringing in the next pallet. The dropping height is small and there are tampers on all sides for good stack quality.

Tool Cassettes

Tools can be replaced by another preset quick change cassette within a minute, making PivaPunch ready for the next family of parts without losing valuable uptime.

Line controller and remote control

PivaPunch comes with a Siemens Sinumerik numerical controller and PLC. Sophisticated remote control features over the internet are included as standard.

Part Programming

State of the art software from leading companies is applied to generate NC-programs from 2D and 3D models. Thanks to specific code calculated from the 2D drawing, parts can be ordered in batches, as couples or subsequently for assemblies of your final products