PivaPunch with a Press Tool Station

Customized PivaPunch includes two presses set up in series for complete part manufacturing of complex products and reduced cycle times.

In these applications PivaPunch Punching Center for Coils includes two presses:

  • One for versatile CNC punching (type TT and TTi with autoindex) using standard Thick Turret Tooling of size A to E or A to F and
  • Another for press tool jobs (type HT) like punching of large openings and fixed hole patterns, perforation and forming.

Flexibility and efficiency are combined and parts including press jobs are completed in a single pass.

Construction industry, Ceiling tiles 

Perforation is carried out using dedicated press tooling whereas corner notching and punching is with the CNC for flexibility.

Also a high-speed perforation press can be utilized.

This PivaPunch is designed for Coil – Blanks and Coil – Coil processes.

Other applications for a combination of a CNC Coil Punch and a Press for dedicated hard tools
Ventilation channels, Fire locks

The Frames of Fire locks are produced straight from the Coil as follows:

  • Punching of holes, forming of beads and corner notching is completed in the punching station using Thick Turret tooling set in Tool Cassettes.
  • Forming of the corners is carried out using dedicated press tools set in another station.
  • Cutting-to-Length is by the Shear behind the station for press tools.
  • Frames of round air valves are produced the same way.
Contract manufacturer serving construction and furniture industry

Roll formed purlins, beams and rails are both CNC punched and press tooled for improved capacity.

Lighting fixtures, Frames of LED-lights

Holes and corner notching is with the CNC for flexibility, large openings with press tools for reduced cycle times.