PivaPunch for Shop Fittings

Shelves are produced in small series but large quantities using True Coil Width method. The coils have burr on edges, so a Slitter is integrated to remove up to 20mm/0.787" from both sides of the strip and a Chopper to dispose the strip waste.

The PivaPunch for Shop Fittings consists of the following main line components:

  • Decoiler with 1 Coil Stand for 5 000 kg
  • Straightener which is adjusted for different sheet thicknesses straight from the program
  • Slitter to remove up to 20mm/0.787" from both sides of the strip + Chopper to dispose the strip waste
  • CNC Clamp Feeder for feeding of strip
  • Eletric TT-e Punching Station for standard punching
  • Electric LT-e 400kN Large Tool Station 1 for large holes, hole patterns and corner notches
  • Hydraulic Shear for Cut-to-Length
  • Turning Drum to get the burr inside of the product
  • Stacker for piling punched blanks on both sides

Shorter cycle times using Double Tool Punch feature for standard punching and large 152,4mm/6" tool stations for hole patterns and notching. Automated turning and stacking on pallets prior to bending operations.


Variety of coil sizes and qualities can be used thanks to the Slitter. The hole patterns and the part length remain programmable. Hard tooling not justified.