PivaPunch with Trim & Notch Station

In the Trim & Notch station the width can be reduced up to 300 mm and 150 mm deep and 400 mm long cut-outs can be notched with each hit – with the CNC.

Parts which widths are nearly the same are produced from the same coil in a PivaPunch which includes following line components:

  • a versatile punching station with a shear for punching and cut to length and
  • a separate station where the rectangular corners of punched blanks are notched and parts are trimmed to the programmed width.

Cycle times are minimized since trimming and notching is carried out simultaneously with punching of the next part. The need for rectangular notching tools is also reduced.

HVAC, covers of Heaters

Approximately 50 part numbers fall within 50 mm difference in coil width. Thanks to the Trim & Notch Station all parts can be run from the same coil in an efficient way.

Refrigerators & Deep freezers, Inner liners

The liners have long cut-outs and their widths are 40 mm different. However, both liners are notched and trimmed in sequence from the same coil and both parts can be produced on line.

Job Site storages

The widths of parts within families of parts vary and many parts have large rectangular corners. Thanks to the station for trimming and notching only few coil widths can be kept in inventory which reduces the initial material cost.

Office furniture parts

Parts within families of parts have different widths and lengths; they have rectangular corners and cut-outs. Many part numbers are produced from the same coil without down times like coil change over.