PivaSystem for Facade Cladding

Several types of Cassettes are produced individually for each construction project. The type of cassettes, the sizes and batch sizes are determined by the dimensions of the building involved.

There are two types of standard rectangular Cassettes and specials around windows and doors.

Wrapper type cassettes are bent to cover the corners, too.

High efficiency is achieved by producing the blanks of the cassettes straight from the Coil in a PivaPunch Punching Center for Coils. Punched blanks can be turned upside down and stacked on palettes or transported straight into the PivaBend Bending Center.

The rectangular cassettes are bent in 3 stations on all four sides for the maximum output. Cassettes with the most time consuming section are completed in the second and third bending stations, two at the time.

There is an integrated bending station for automated bending of L- and U-shaped cassettes. Their sides are bent in the first bending stations. 

PivaSystem is flexible. Punched blanks are produced from the Coil, freely programmable blank dimensions and hole patterns.

Bending sections on both sides and ends of the work pieces are programmable.

An Automatic Tool Changer is installed for both bending stations for the ends for continuous automated operation. The Hold down tools are set automatically between batches to eliminate the manual operation.

Our modular concept makes it easy to customize your PivaSystem the way you need it.