PivaSystem for Lighting Fixture Bodies

The requirement is to produce a variety of lighting fixture bodies of both pre-painted steel and bodies to be post painted.

Some of the products are like panels which are bent without any need to customize the bending machines or the tooling.

However, there are products with different widths to be bent. The Hold down tools in bending station for the ends are set by hand using the quick change system which is based on hydraulic clamping and design of the hold down tools.

A customized feature is to manage conical parts which require different folding tools depending on the length of the parts. A quick tool change system was developed to make production of such parts feasible.

Narrow fixture bodies which are sections are bent in the first bending station. The minimum width is affected by the tool design. The standard tooling allows 125 mm wide profiles.

The sections on all four sides are programmable. Negative and positive bends and hems are bent as standard. 

The PivaSystem including a PivaPunch PCC125-e and a PivaBend FLN225/FSW125 is designed straight to better fit into the factory layout.