PivaSystem for Steel Doors

In general, mild steel, stainless steel, coated or pre-painted aluminum is used in PivaSystem to produce finished parts from blanks or coils in one run. The combined systems provide flexibility for different door sizes and a high capacity for custom orders in the shortest turnaround time without intermediate stocks

One example is a production line designed for make-to-order production of steel door panels. The production order list is created from the customer’s order input. After punching, each panel is labeled for identification used in further processing such as roll forming and automated assembling cells. All PivaPunch lines are also suited for punching of door frames.

Production of Steel door panels (post painted and plastic coated steel) straight from the Coil is shown in the video. Punched blanks are first produced in the PivaPunch punching center for efficiency and flexibility. Door panels are then completed in two bending stations, one for the sides and one for the ends. 

The final product and the machine design were carried out within the same process to achieve both ideal product design for state of the art assembling process of the door and optimum machine and tooling technology.

The straight material flow without buffering, clear factory layout, improved cycle times with an average production speed of less than a minute per door, a one machine process eliminating set-ups between batches, labor cost savings through unmanned operation, as well as material savings with only up to 15 % scrap running from coil compared to 15-30 % using blanks.

The true coil width is used when standard sizes are produced, and the common coil width with trimming possibility when producing odd sizes.