PivaSystem for Steel Silos

Different profiles for Steel Silos are punched and cut from coils, and then bent with Ursviken bending cell. The finished products are stacked on 4 pallets that are handled by forklifts. Material up to 6 mm thick, coil width up to 1525 mm, product length up to 4100 mm.

The PivaSystem for Steel Silos consists of the following main line components:

  • Two Coil Cars
  • Pick-Up Decoiler for 5 000 kg Coils
  • HD Straightener which is adjusted by hand for different sheet thicknesses.
  • HD CNC Clamp Feeder for tight tolerances for punching and cutting to length.
  • Strip Lubrication device
  • Hydraulic Punching Center PCC150 TTi HD
  • Shear for cutting to length
  • Ursviken Press Brake (OptiFlex 320tn 4100 mm)
  • Robot for material handling

Single machine process allows great cycle times and minimal labor required. Fast material change with traversing coil cars.


Any part can be produced at any time as a single part or in batches, including support plates for the silos. Pre-painted coil material can be used with ease.