PivaSystem for Toilet Flushing Systems

U-type Water Tank frames are produced complete as panels straight from coil and conveyed to TOX-presses and lastly to storage. From the storage they are moved to U-bending to complete the process.

The PivaSystem for Toilet Flushing Systems consists of the following main line components:

  • Double Decoiler and Straightener
  • CNC Roll Feeder, adjustable ± 25 mm
  • Electrical HT-e Press Tool, 2000kN for punching and 1600kN for forming + Shear
  • Turning Drum to get the burr inside of the product
  • Bending Station FLW200-U for turning sides upwards
  • Special 2-Level Conveyor System to 2 TOX-Presses and to the storage

A single process integrated to customer's TOX-press system removes the need for buffering and additional labor. The 2000kN punching press is full electric.


The Thick Turret tooling is suitable for punching, notching, embossing and trimming as required. Double Decoiler allows two different materials/coil widths to be loaded at a time.