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Open House 2023

Pivatic Open House 2023


We would like to invite you to participate in the Pivatic Open House event between October 31st to November 1st, 2023. We will have three production lines/machines on display. The main themes for the event are: Coil punching and shearing line with stacking, Multitool Profile/Panel Bender, Pivatic software solutions.

Pivatic will pay for the accommodation, food & beverages during the days. The flights and local travel from and back to the airport will be your responsibility. You may register to the event through the link below.

Coil punching and shearing solution

When talking about coil nesting, the traditional way is perceived as suitable for mainly big parts as large batches back-to-back. Our coil nesting systems give you multiple options to run your parts. You may choose the part type, amount, and the order in which you want the parts to exit the system. All parts of the same material can be produced from one wide coil, nested side-by-side.

A back-to-back nested coil is done by traditional coil punching equipment. To nest parts side-by-side on a strip, Pivatic uses a CTW Cut-to-Width station to split the nested blank that is cut from the continuous strip. There is potentially no waste in the Y-direction by filling the coil width with nested parts. For high-quality part production, the CTW can also act as an edge trimmer prior to the punching in a PivaPunch PCB Punching Center for Blanks.

This solution is being delivered for locker manufacturing, but similar solutions are suitable and have also been delivered to manufacture parts for HVAC, domestic appliances, commercial appliances, steel doors, office furniture, and electrical enclosures.

Multitool Profile/Panel Bender

The MPB can be customized with different console types and several bending tools to manufacture long and complex parts with a single-machine process.

Customer tests up to 4.0 mm mild steel (8 GA), 1.5 mm stainless steel (16 GA), 2.0 mm aluminum (14 GA) and 0.8 mm HSS (21 GA).

Latest News

Ohutlevypäivät 2024

Teknologiateollisuus ry:n Ohutlevytuotteet-toimialaryhmän järjestämät Ohutlevypäivät järjestetään huhtikuussa 2024 Seinäjoella. Ohutlevypäivät on suunnattu ohutlevytuotteiden suunnittelusta, valmistuksesta ja käytöstä sekä opetustoimesta vastaaville henkilöille sekä muille ohutlevytuotteita käyttävien loppuvalmistajien ja alihankintateollisuuden ammattilaisille. Ohjelmassa aiheita tänä vuonna mm. teknologiateollisuuden näkymät, innovatiiviset ratkaisut tulevaisuuden koneseurantaan ja raportointiin, lujien terästen käyttö autojen korirakenteissa, ja useita yritysvierailumahdollisuuksia. Pivaticin toimitusjohtaja Jan Tapanainen ja myyntipäällikkö Jukka Heimonen ovat mukana tapahtumassa. Pivaticilla on tiloissa oma esittelyständi.

Customer Satisfaction 2023

Performance, quality, consistent… These are some of the terms that our customers used to describe Pivatic in our annual NPS survey, conducted in November-December 2023 by Trustmary. This year’s results are based on 24 evaluations. We thank all our customers and partners for their cooperation and feedback as we aim for even better results in 2023! 

Pivatic latest projects, strategic initiatives, and new investments

International Sheet Metal Review (ISMR) met our CEO, Jan Tapanainen, at this November’s Blechexpo exhibition in Stuttgart. He outlined some of Pivatic’s latest new projects, strategic initiatives and investments along with his thoughts on global markets, trends, challenges and opportunities, such as our investments over the past two-three years, our views on the current global business climate/markets, our current strategic and technical focus for the company, trends developing in global sheet metal markets, greatest challenges and opportunities, our approach to Industry 4.0, AI, VR, and AR, and our sustainability/energy efficiency in your products, processes, and operations.

Return-on-Investment (ROI) Calculator

Calculate your annual cost savings with Pivatic ROI calculator. Our fabrication systems enable you to get the best ROI in the industry by automation and reducing the CPP (Cost per Part). To find out how much you can save in material utilization, energy consumption, and labor, fill in 1 or more calculators. A report data of your individual study will be shown and automatically sent to your email.

Dynamic nesting and flexible coil production raised great interest in Pivatic Open House 2023

Pivatic’s technical director Mika Virtanen presented the principles of Pivatic’s dynamic nesting at the event. Other technology outbreaks in software solutions and simulation possibilities were also presented. In addition, there were maintenance and remote support applications and current and future cooperation possibilities discussed. One of the existing ones is cooperation related to laser cutting from coils.


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