COVID-19 Update


Within Pivatic, the corona virus (COVID-19) situation is being monitored and measures have been taken prevent further outbreak of the virus.

We are following the recommendations of relevant authorities, such as Finnish institute for health and welfare and country-specific requirements to ensure the actions we take are comprehensive.

As for now, business travelling is suspended and we encourage our customers and partners to communicate with us through web-meetings. Our help desk and support are available as normal, by email or phone.

The measures taken is to guarantee the safety of our employees, our customers and our general community. We will keep you posted about latest Pivatic news on our digital channels.

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Latest News

Products with large openings with over 100% increased efficiency

A large American manufacturer of HVAC products was looking to speed up their manufacturing process with the help of new punching technology. The company had previous experience with a Pivatic punching line installed in 2007, and had been punching some of their parts with the old line. The line delivery however allowed to replace existing standalone Turret Punch Presses to manufacture the parts with large openings with over 100% increased efficiency – reducing cycle times from 4-5 minutes down to 2 minutes.


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