The Ursviken Group

The Ursviken Group

The Ursviken Group is a corporate group that brings thin sheet metal and heavy plate working together. Companies Pivatic Oy (Finland), Ursviken Technology AB (Sweden), and Ursviken Inc. (USA) form the Ursviken Group. The focus for the Group is to provide machines and manufacturing lines for high-end product segments and to offer life cycle services. The group forms a global business network for production, sales, and service.

Ursviken Group is owned by the Finnish private equity investor Sentica Partners.

Group Companies

Pivatic Oy ( offers punching and bending solutions for sheet metal manufacturing. Our advanced manufacturing lines enable a significant increase in productivity, flexibility, and profitability – with a better Return-On-Investment. Pivatic’s main focus is on industries like HVAC, construction, appliances, and furniture. Pivatic main markets are the Americas, Germany, the Nordics, and Russia. Pivatic Oy office is located in Hyvinkää, Finland.

Ursviken Technology AB ( offers press brakes and guillotine shears for heavy plate working. The high precision solutions offer improved production speed and increased profits to customers in a variety of industries, such as construction equipment, tube and pole manufacturing, and ship building. Ursviken main markets are the Americas, Germany, China, the Nordics, the UK, and CEE. Ursviken Technology office is located in Ursviken, Sweden.

Ursviken Inc. offers installation and service of both Pivatic Oy manufacturing lines as well as Ursviken Technology AB press brakes and guillotine shears in the Americas. The local office in Chicago USA enables fast support for our customers in case of field service, spare parts, or training.