Double punch

Why double punch?


Pivatic double punching technology was a product of developing the mechanical structure of the tool cassette technology and cycle time of the punching line. The 625 mm reach of a tool cassette jaw was suitable for narrow blanks or coils, but if the coil width exceeded the reach, one tool cassette would not be enough. As a solution, a second tool cassette with its own tool selector was added to the other side of the blank or coil. The selectors of both tool cassettes use the same punch plate, so symmetrical holes in the product can be double punched, i.e. punched at the same time – something that is not possible using traditional turret punch press technology. Our customers get the best benefit from Pivatic’s double punching technology when it comes to families of products, and production batches ranging from a few pieces to several thousand pieces.

There are different types of tool cassettes, and the cassette type and tools are selected according to the customer’s needs. “Thick Turret, Amada-Style”  tool sizes A, B, C, D, E and F are suitable for tool cassettes. With standard settings, 16 – 26 tools can fit in one cassette, but with multitool adapters the number of tools can be increased to more than 50 tools per cassette, i.e. more than 100 tools per punching station with two cassettes. In addition to piercing tools, tool positions can also use form pressing tools or cluster tools that pierce an entire hole pattern at once.

Ultimately, the double punching technology allows you to increase your production efficiency to up to double the speed, while maintaining the highest quality.

Latest News

Dynamic nesting and flexible coil production raised great interest in Pivatic Open House 2023

Pivatic’s technical director Mika Virtanen presented the principles of Pivatic’s dynamic nesting at the event. Other technology outbreaks in software solutions and simulation possibilities were also presented. In addition, there were maintenance and remote support applications and current and future cooperation possibilities discussed. One of the existing ones is cooperation related to laser cutting from coils.

Thank you for participating in Pivatic Open House 2023!

Thank you all visitors (and registrees) of Pivatic Open House 2023! We had a great number of participants and excellent presentations on different technological aspects of the Pivatic business line. To all our customers and agents, we will get back to you on the conversations that we had during the event.

Pivatic Open House 2023

We would like to invite you to participate in the Pivatic Open House event between October 31st to November 1st, 2023. We will have three production lines/machines on display. The main themes for the event are: Coil punching and shearing line with stacking, Multitool Profile/Panel Bender, Pivatic software solutions. Pivatic will pay for the accommodation, food & beverages during the days. The flights and local travel from and back to the airport will be your responsibility.

Norwegian OSO Hotwater trusts Pivatic technology

Pivatic signed a supply contract in 2022 for a sheet metal coil processing line with a Norwegian
company that manufactures hot water boiler tanks. This article describes the delivery project in question from the customer’s manufacturing and product technology applications point of view. The information in the article has been gathered from the customer interview. The interviews were conducted in April 2023 at the Pivatic factory during the customer’s line FAT approval.


We are thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming FABTECH Chicago 2023, the premier event in metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing, taking place from September 11-14th. There are cutting-edge solutions from over 1,500 world-class suppliers, all under one roof. Explore innovative technologies that boost productivity and drive profits. Network with experts, share knowledge, and stay tuned of industry trends.

We will be exhibiting together with Ursviken Technology at Booth A2937. Our sales team is ready to introduce new Pivatic innovations and new strategic partnerships, as well as our energy-efficient servo-electric solutions.


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