Pivatic punching solution for blanks with RAS bending automation

A recently introduced strategic co-operation between Pivatic and RAS has been realized by delivering a line concept system to Shanghai Hyundai Shanghai Elevator Co. This complete solution enables the parts programming, order management, punching and bending of the parts from precut blanks buffered in tower storage and run directly to the assembly line fully automatic.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic conditions, the delivery was slightly delayed from the planned eight months lead time but with help of our Chinese sales agent company Chonglee and remotely given technical start-up support we managed to finish the installation in a reasonable time.

This customer has high-end product manufacturing in their new factory with also our competitor’s systems but ended up to our brand new solution due it’s efficiency to compared to others. This system delivery will give us a magnificent reference for similar business sectors as any product families of doors and panels.

The co-operation between two leading Finnish and German machine tool companies in their special branches brings their product as one player more to flexible sheet metal systems manufacturing with fully automatic and self-controlling unmanned process.

The punching made with one direction feeding using two opposite independent cassettes gives it efficiency to punching speed with special forms symmetric tooling and high tonnage punching force. This combination with very flexible and accurate bending in similar cycle times makes the buffering between punching and bending unnecessary as the cycle times vary very little from each other.

The line description is shortly as follows:

  • Automatic 2 tower storage
  • Blank feeding system with thickness and dimensions measurement check-up
  • Punching unit with up to 120 Thick Turret tools from A to F sizes with 30ton force
  • Turning device to turn blank burr side up for the bending
  • Feeder for the bending with shortest possible downtime between the exit and entering parts
  • Flexible up and down bending with automatic tool set up