PivaBend for HVAC Wrappers

HVAC Wrappers are always bent in such order: long sides first, short sides second and box bending third. The bending units however are always chosen and dimensioned according to the products. All PivaBends are stand-alone solutions.

Wrappers for Boilers

Thickness: 2.00 mm Max width: 2 000 mm Max length: 2 000 mm

Single and double, top and bottom modules, produced in various sizes in less than 20s/part. The main dimensions and the edge profiles are programmable making it also possible to produce small batches.


Panels&Wrappers for Fan Coils

Thickness: 0.86 mm Max width: 1 565 mm Max length: 2 133 mm

Capability to bend all different panel and wrapper type part families with the minimum of downtimes between batches shines in this solution. The box bending station is used to bend both short sides and to box shape.


Wrappers and other parts for Heaters, Coolers and Fan Coils

Thickness: 1.25 mm Max width: 1 651 mm Max length: 3 000 mm

A straight line where the parts are de-stacked from 3 moving pallettes, bent and discharged to 2 exits. The long side bending station can bend either one product (max 3 000 mm long) or two products (2 x 1 500 mm) at a time. Both the short side bending station and box bending station have Automated Tool Changers, making this solution near to fully automatic.


Wrappers for Fan Coils

Thickness: 0.86 mm Max width: 1 565 mm Max length: 1 795 mm

Superior output of 16 seconds per Wrapper is achieved by this solution. De-stacking from 4 movable tables while the line is running. Automated Tool Changer for both short side and box bending station. Lifting/lowering discharge conveyor for the transportation of the wrappers to assembly line with custom line height.