PivaPunch for HVAC Wrappers

HVAC Wrappers blanks can be produced with PivaPunch in various ways. The methods have one thing in common: the majority of end products are large in size, so wide coils/blanks needs to be used.

Wrappers for Air Handlers, Coolers and Heaters

Thickness: 2.00 mm Max width: 1 524 mm Max length: 3 000 mm

A very standard solution for 1 524 mm wide coils, that also allows production of large panel blanks. Compared to the customer's old turret punch presses, PivaPunch brings more efficiency and still allows to run a large variety of different parts.


Wrappers for Boilers

Thickness: 2.00 mm Max width: 1 828.8 mm Max length: 2 000 mm

So far the widest coil that we have manufactured a solution for, 1 828.8mm, is punched with a standard line except for it's width. The solution is integrated with a PivaBend solution, and the parts can be buffered or fed straight ot bending.


Wrappers for Fan Coils & other parts for Heaters and Coolers

Thickness: 2.00 mm Max width: 1 524 mm Max length: 3 000 mm

A Punching and Cutting Center solution with an added Double Press Tool Station, where hole patterns and embossings are made. When producing wrapper blanks, the True Coil Method is used and the part is punched complete with the CNC punch presses - and when producing smaller parts, they are produced with the Common Coil Method as a nest that is split with the Cut-to-Width Station and stacked automatically or discharged from under the shear.


Wrappers for Fan Coils

Thickness: 0.86 mm Max width: 1 565 mm Max length: 1 795 mm

The speciality in this solution is that instead on standard PivaPunch station, 4 C-Press Stations are used. Dedicated tools with standard tooling in cassettes traverse along the strip, punching hole patterns or embossing for very high output and flexibility.