PivaPunch for Ventilation Equipment

Sheet metal ventilation systems are typically rectangular flat channel or circular duct systems, and for both you use punched rectangular parts. The ducts are always interconnected and the part sizes vary from the air flow requirements, typically from 70 to 1000 mm per single dimension. For a specified product family to be produced with minimal scrap and required efficiency, the Coil Nesting possibilities with Punching and Cutting Center become valuable.

Ventilation Equipment 1

Thickness: 2.00 mm Max width: 1 250 mm Max length: 3 000 mm

The customer was building a new plant and was looking for modern manufacturing technology for one or two product families. Their production was focused on 10-machine process with high labor requirements, and this wasn’t an option for the new plant. The customer invested into a single Pivatic line instead of several standalone machines, and now produces the parts twice as fast thanks to Coil Nesting with Double Tool Punch. The line capacity is filled with the first product family, but if the need arises the second product family is possible with the same machine by acquiring second set of tooling and some programming work.


Ventilation Equipment 2

Thickness: 1.50 mm Max width: 1 250 mm Max length: 3 000 mm

The customer is using raw-edged steel mill coils with several different material types. The part quality was lacking and the material change was slow with their previous system. With Pivatic all of the raw edges are always cut with a single stroke, maximizing edge quality, and a Multidecoiler system allows material change from 3 pre-loaded coils with only 2-3 minutes of interruption in production. The material utilization is the highest possible with Coil Nesting.