PivaSystem for HVAC Wrappers

HVAC Wrappers are produced from coils or from blanks. Usually there are different Wrapper families, of which one family is the most efficient to produce with one line/machine. Our PivaSystem lines are always customized to fit the production needs, and there can be prioritization between efficiency, flexibility or a compact size.

Wrappers for Boilers

Thickness: 2.00 mm Max width: 1 828 mm Max length: 2 000 mm

Wrapper modules of "single and double", "top and bottom", produced in various size in less than 20s/part. A buffer after PivaPunch allows production from coils and from blanks.

Wrappers for Fan Coil Casings

Thickness: 0.66 mm Max width: 914 mm Max length: 1 879 mm

A new family of Wrappers (14 sizes) are produced with very efficient punching (4 x 2 C-Presses) and a bending solution, where a compact size is prioritized over efficiency - Wrappers are made ready with 2 Bending Station instead of the usual 3. The third bending station is possible to integrate later on to match the bending cycle time with punching.